Everything about the Los Angeles Fashion Week

Fashion Week is celebrated in spring and autumn, and each year is celebrated in the following cities: Paris, New York, Milan, Madrid, London and Tokyo. Each of them is characterized by having different styles, for example, the New York Fashion Week is known for showing a more casual or sporty appearance.

A Los Angeles Fashion Week professional who wants to be updated in trends, meet brand representatives, magazine editors, designers, bloggers and of course be part of that micro world has to manage to get to that point where an accreditation is a great pass to access information that although it is not entirely exclusive, thanks to social networks, if it gives a plus to the experience of seeing how the behind the scenes works and the cuisine of the famous media publications in the world.

Fashion Week or “Fashion Week” in New York is the oldest, the first show took place in 1943, with the aim that American designers could show their collections and well known for his Miami Swim Week great style. The NYFW or LAFW generates a lot of interest worldwide to all those who like to know firsthand the next trends, go shopping or discover new styles and ways of dressing, if that is your case, we show you below a series of expressions that will be very useful. There are LA Fashion Week that are outdoors and open to the public, others that only enter those with invitation. There are parties after the shows.

The swim week show tried to combine the feminine with the strength of the current woman. It began with inconspicuous colors, such as brown and earth tones. To then move to fluorescent shades, fringes, all striking from head to toe. The collection had all the classic elements, like large silhouettes, sporty and somewhat disheveled look. They showed square jackets, skirts full of colors, neon tones and plastic was used. The fashion house has been characterized by wanting to vary and stand out with different parades to traditional ones. This with the intention of reaching new generations, who see and seek fashion through social networks. For more information, visit this page.